Bob – a very average runner……

I was the fat kid at school that did no sport, and didn’t really see the point in it.

Roll on to 2008 and I did my first marathon, FLM, and haven’t really looked back since. Marathons, ultras, couple of Ironman triathlons…the only question is – what next?  If it’s long and painful, then it’s probably right up my street!  If it includes pizza…then even better!!

Update…after luckily getting a place in Grand Union Canal Race in 2014, and loving it, I’ve gone onto bigger and better!

2015…biggest race was a painful DNF at Thames Ring 250, but did finish the Thames Path 100

2016…fell in love with the lake district and wild camping, and did the Lakeland 50 too!

2017…had a rough experience at the Arc of Attrition (but I did finish) and had a great time at the Thames Ring 250…finished 7th in 80 hours.

2018…Spine Challenger, Ultra-trail Snowdonia 50 & Lakeland 100 – God help me!  (Not forgetting the Chained Escape from Meriden in November)

2019…..Winter Viking Way in January, followed by a well earned rest.  And then something epic in May!  600 miles ?  14 days?  No sleep?  That sounds dreadful….sign me up! So that’s the Monarchs Way in May, and another bash at the Chained Escape from Meriden in November….excellent.


Why do I do it?  Because I’ve found it’s really useful to attempt something each year that I genuinely don’t know whether I can do or not.  After a few years of doing this, and finding that I can actually do more than I ever thought was possible, I find myself really pushing the boundries of what is reasonable….

GUCR pizza at 65m

Loving the magic pizza at 65 miles into the Grand Union Canal Race in 2014

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