Wild camping along the Pennine Way – Sept 2020

In the covid-ravaged 2020, with every race cancelled or postponed, it was an easy decision to combine taking my son to a northern university with snatching a few days recceing a section of the Spine race, which I hope to do in January 2021 (if it’s also not cancelled!)

It was an even easier decision when deciding which section to recce, as the website describes the Middleton to Alston chunk as the hardest! It covers 40 miles, with a healthy amount of ascent, and best of all… it goes over Cross Fell, 1084 metres high and usually foul weather, before going past Greg’s Hut, one of the icons of the whole race.

I would wild camp depending on where I got to each day, and planned to camp at Middleton on Monday night, start Tuesday, finish Wednesday, and get public transport back to the car late Wednesday or early Thursday, and drive home Thirsty In total, 3 nights camping, 2 days on the trail…. sounded perfect!

…. and it was. Memorable views of High Force, Caldron Snout, High Cup Nick, Dufton (for lunch), of course Cross Fell & Greg’s Hut, then Garogill and home. A really good few days.

High Cup Nick…..amazing place.
This is Cauldron Snout…and the path i had to scramble up goes up the right hand side…you can sort of see it.
Top of Cross Fell, at about 8am. Not sure I was feeling the love at this point.
Halfway up the climb out of Dufton….time for a sit!
High Force
The camping spot was much nice the night before….the morning was decidedly misty & drizzle.
This is Gregs Hut….appearing out of the mist, on the way down from Cross Fell
Nice place to camp on Tue night
Place to camp on Mon night

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